About the company Stehno spedition s.r.o.

The Stehno spedition s. r. o. company was founded in 2006, at that time as a natural person under the name of Michal Stehno. The success of this company's services, however, contributed to a transformation into the present form – Stehno spedition s. r. o. – in 2011.

The rapid development leads to constant expansion and improving of our services and also to an increasing number of satisfied clients who appreciate our responsible attitude which is reflected in close cooperation with the customer and an effort to fulfil all their needs and demands, and also in meeting deadlines and in maximum care of the entrusted shipment.

To ensure the quality of services the shipments are monitored by the GPS system, so that the client may at any time get information on the location of their shipment. An insurance at the amount of 1 000 000 CZK with the possibility of additional insurance for a larger amount.

Our services

The Stehno spedition s. r. o. company provide extensive services of freight forwarding. We are able to store and transport your shipment across the Czech Republic and Europe and in the area of express shipping within the EU we are one of the best on the market.

As a shipping company we are responsible for the goods that you entrust to us, and we pride ourselves on the fact that they arrive at their destination without any damage and exactly at the desired time. All shipments are therefore insured with us to the amount of 1,000,000 CZK with the Česká pojišťovna insurance company. It is also possible to take additional insurance for the transported goods at a higher amount.


During the transport of your goods you do not have to be all at sea; each shipment is monitored with the GPS system at every moment. If you wish to know the location of your shipment, our dispatches can inform you whenever you need.


The Just in time system is an integrate part of our concept and we have great experience with this form of logistics. It is a time-proved mechanism preventing from wasting your time and resources and allows the customer to get exactly what they need. The emphasis is put on timeliness and perfect service quality.

Using the JIT model is possible only owing to close contacts with the client and a high level of experience, for the effectiveness and logistics are of the highest importance.

Collection services will save your money!

Need to transport smaller package? We have a very economical solution. If you use the collection services of our company, you can share transportation costs with other clients. Unit shipments from different customers are collected, transported to the destination country and then shipped to end recipients. In such case the financial savings are considerable.


Our company will provide logistic services, direct transport across the Czech Republic and abroad, as well as storage premises. The transport services have urgent character and the stress is put on reliability and shipment safety.

If you contact us, you will receive reliable and high quality services with the possibility of truly individual solutions according to your specific needs. The Stehno spedition company is ready to implement any requirements to the satisfaction of the client.